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 IVORY PEARL MUSIC,  is my Entertainment Corporation (Music Production and Music Publishing) owned by Gretchen Anne  (patented/copyrighted-all rights reserved-see bottom footnote).  Eric Rackin was my partner in business therefore his brilliant songwriting talents fell into place along with my creative ideas.  We worked well together regarding songwriting and business ideas also collaborating and combining our creative writing (film scripts, stories, poetry, and more).  Eric left us on October of 2007 and is missed by many.  I am responsible for the business I created which is  ~  IVORY PEARL MUSIC, ~ I am also the Executrix of his Will and also Own the highest percentage of All Music which would include other Writing Material not only His and Ours but other Creators who are now submitting their music, lyrics and more.

Of course his children also own a percentage of  their father's music and they would never be denied. 

However I am the sole owner of  ~ IVORY PEARL MUSIC,  ~ which involves any and all other song titles, music, lyrics.

Best known for writing the lyrics and music of a song titled  SHOW ME HEAVEN,  Eric won a GOLD selling over 5 million.  His co-writers are Maria McKee, and Jay Rifkin, as well as Hans Zimmer, being inspirational in contributing this song towards a film titled "DAYS OF THUNDER" starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. They actually had the song performed at their wedding which is something Eric did not stop talking about.   Since then MANY vocalists (for example: Maria McKee (co-writer) and Jessica Andrews have recorded "Show Me Heaven.  More info can be found by "searching" song title and song writers.  Eric also has a catalogue of  many other songs which he composed.  Anyone who knows him is aware that it multiplies into the hundreds.  The more time we spent together the more we worked together.  Most of the time we were on the same "wave length" which means that our "simpatico" with music and lyrics were to the extreme.  In a very short time we "composed" a few and a few of my favorites can be heard by clicking the Reverbnation link on bottom right. 



First and foremost I am an actor,  singer,  performer,  model,  published writer, author and poet (winning a few awards).  I also enjoy photography as a hobby and can get very creative with the final design and outcome of my photos.  One photo I shot is shown in the Photography Publication by the name of  "IMPRESSIONS OF YESTERDAY, by Quinn Bryan  (The International Library  Of Photography, page 89) a photo of a mixed breed cat "candid" and "simple" shared with many people that just love taking photos, and I am one of those persons, and have been all my life. 

I have also been photographed by some of the top photographers when modeling was top priority. These people include Milton Greene (Marilyn Monroe's greatest fan),  J. Frederick Smith (me, his biggest fan), Bill Stone (another fan), among others well known in the field.  Click Upper Left Tabs to Read More.

I also produce and direct charity benefits along with fundraising (therefore any interview with any Fund Raising Organization for the benefit of helping others in need is very important to me).  I was hired by the "Leukemia Society of America" to produce, coordinate, direct and hire celebrities, doctors, donors and hospital staff.  Held at the Sheraton Hotel in NYC this Radiothon produced by WOR Radio, whose staff of people were wonderful, required approximately six months to a year to happily organize. Kevin McCarthy was the host, known among many as a writer, actor, humanitarian and relative to many people who were well known and somewhat famous in the industry.  Robert Lansing was the co-host who I found and brought to the attention of the "society" and well known as an excellent actor.  Read more on my BIO page. 

I will be forever grateful to Marvin Hamlisch for bringing in most of the "celebrity" money at the end of the production.  At the end of the broadcast, he literally walked in unexpected--I gave him a hug with tears in my eyes and told him Thank You and I love you in professional terms.  Within three minutes he brought in an extra $28,000 playing the piano, singing his hit songs from Broadway Shows and some of  his own personal favorites that he loved and wrote.  He became a friend after the show.  I thought he would outlive all of us but he did not and I know he is resting in peace.  He will always be remembered in the industry for music score, music writing, music pianist and a man with a wonderful heart and soul.  He is respected and is one man that is considered one of the greatest.

After Marvin Hamlisch's finale this group of wonderful people for this "live" 24 hour broadcast, in the audience, stood up for quite a while, showing their gratitude.  

Many children and people pass away from this horrific disease, however, much progress has been made through research with this particular type of cancer, which is "cancer of the blood." I got very attached to the families and people that got this disease and my thoughts always stay with them.

Added Recent Information: Richard O. Ullman, my brother passed away from cancer not too long ago and as all families and friends who have lost someone whom they have loved and  who has passed we are all devastated and he is missed by so many people.  One of his legacies is donating $5 million dollars to "THE NATIONAL MUSEUM of the AMERICAN INDIAN."  Ted  Turner also donated the same amount of $5 million.  Both Richard and Ted Turner are honored with a Bronze Plack which hangs on the Wall at the Museum.  I also helped a bit with this Smithsonian Museum, and the feeling of giving is phenomenal.  I will try to continue to  fulfill some of his dreams as much as I can.  Dick carries a success story beyond belief and we are so very proud of him.  He was always given support by our Grandparents, Parents and Family.  Since he and my father both suffered from cancer another choice of mine for donation is for the "Cancer Society. They both passed  away from the disease.

My heart is with, and the girls and women who are victims of this horrific torture--please use search for info-this is how difficult it is to describe what happens to them from across the world.  I was introduced to this society by Peter Buffett and His Foundation.  Search Peter and Jennifer Buffett for the wonderful work they are doing regarding their own foundation. 

My heart and soul will continue to be with my brother,  forever, and the memories I carry with me will never be forgotten. 


Gretchen Anne Interests

To read more about my ventures and accomplishments  CLICK TABS on the UPPER LEFT.  Next "tab" would be my BIO which is quite thorough concerning my life and also includes my work history. This part of my Website, in my own opinion is the most personal and most explanatory however this is what a website is.  Letting people and the universe know where someone's interests/heart/soul/mind are most connected.

 Next on the "tabs" is BOOK PRESS RELEASE which is a synopsis of the "Relationship Book" which concerns keeping a couples "love" exciting with brief statements.  Advice is given to couples that would like to receive some personal tips.  Written as a "lark" and for fun I, as well as Eric, just had fun putting it together.  Not our style and hoping to make some money to "produce" something much bigger, it did not work out that way.  I self wrote and published.  Advise?  My suggestion would be is to find a publisher.  Do not try to do it yourself.  It works out much better--you will only lose money even if it is the best book written for whatever reason.  Just my opinion. How many books did I sell? Ask the companies that are selling it and not legally sending me the percentage of the money they owe me.

Most interesting to some readers would be ACTING RESUME TAB. Viewers love photos and you will see a Slide Show of PHOTOS from "THEN and NOW."  Just a little bit of a "quirk" and to add interest to anyone in this business that would like to see the many steps that have to be taken to make it work.  Even then, sometimes it does not involve your true dreams, desires and wishes. 

There is also a contact page on the site so feel free to write or send an email.  I appreciate and thank anyone who takes the time to read all.

Please contact me at the above number which is  1.862.200.5400 if interested in business ventures.  There are many options available as most Executives in Music in the Entertainment Industry would know.  For example--singer/vocalist interested in recording our songs as a hit record, a theme song for  film production and even a celebrity vocalist promoting our "song writings" in film, TV production, commercials and also  product marketing.  As far as "SHOW ME HEAVEN" or any other song we own please contact me  directly by e-mail or phone.  THANK YOU ~


**Never Stop Touching Him**

by Gretchen Anne 


Gretchen Anne also wrote a relationship book titled "Never Stop Touching Him"


always know that Him also means "her" and/or together couples


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Hopefully this mutual testament will enlighten and serve as a reminder that "day-to-day" commitments and endearments transcend and transform our lives



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